Friday, November 20, 2015


Song: Inthalo Enni Enni Vinthalo
Movie Name : Karthikeya
Singers : Haricharan, Chinmayi Sripada
Music Director : Shekhar Chandra
   I have been waking up to this song for the last couple of weeks or so. I keep singing this song on my roads and probably have been driving my wife nuts. As I was seeing this movie, this song hit me out of the blue and I couldn't wait for the movie to finish to listen to it again. The version sung by Chinmayi is more nuanced and I liked it more. Its refreshing when the current crop of MDs continue to pay attention to the charanam in addition to the pallavi. This song is sweet all the way through. The line "Alavaatulo porapaatlu ennenno" and its picturization will stay with me for a while. This song is so good that I have my next favorite from Illayaraja lined up in "Kanulu Kalanu Piliche" but I don't want to get over this song yet!

Listen to this song here

Monday, December 15, 2014

Jagada Jagada Jagadam

Song: Jagada Jadada Jagadam
Movie Name : Geethanjali
Singers : SP Balasubramaniam
Music Director : Illayaraja
   In the recent week or so, I have convinced myself that this is one of SPB's greatest vocal performances ever! This song has long stretches requiring him to hold his breath, requires powerful enunciation of lyrics to show raw emotion/power, and then has high pitched singing.

  Add to this, the fact that it was and still is an incredible adrenaline pumping song. The lyrics are energetic, inspiring and quite a mouthful! Yet, the tune is soulful, just like a rock song should be!