Monday, March 12, 2018

Ishtam, Manasulo

Song: Ishtam, Manasulo
Movie Name : Good Bad Ugly
Singers : Harshavardhan, Harini
Music Director : Harshavardhan
   Anything that reminds me of the bygone Vamsy-IR timeline is sure to find a spot on this blog.  The songs are very delightful and composed/arranged rather well! They are definitely intentionally scored keeping 90s in mind and specifically having Vamsy's old songs as inspiration. If nothing, it made me recollect a dozen or so Vamsy's songs and just for that I love these two songs. The rhythm and synth arrangement in "Manasulo" especially in the first prelude are surely a hat-tip to Vamsy. Harshavardhan did a great job for most part singing, but it would have made the nostalgia trip that much more complete with SPB's vocals.

My favorite parts of the songs are

"Panikiraani veduru nenu murali laaga palikinaavn" in Ishtam 

"Paridhi lenu premalo muligi telanaa.." in Manasulo

Monday, June 12, 2017

Sairat Zala Ji

Song: Sairat Zala Ji
Movie Name : Sairat
Singers : Ajay Gogavale, Chinmayi Sripada
Music Director : Ajay-Atul
   Once again, an album that I loved completely. I caught this movie on Netflix recently and got hooked on to the songs instantly due to great music and also good visuals that went with it. I was surprised at how a song that felt so "Tamil" in its structure seemed to fit well in this movie. There are so many instants where the music builds to a crescendo and this pattern repeats in the vocals where female vocals build up to a wonderful crescendo for the male vocals both in charanam and pallavi. It almost seems like the rhythm of the second interlude was meant for a scene involving a school drill practice which I found interesting.